I work with children age 11+

In my experience children and young people often struggle to name their feelings or talk about what might be going on for them.  As I offer creative ways of working I can help make this a little bit easier by introducing a variety of alternative ways to talking that can open up feelings and help someone find a way through their difficulty.

I will always adapt therapy to the individual and try to work in a way that suits them, for example a young child might love using puppets while a young person might want to express themselves through song lyrics.  At the end of the day, making children and young people feel comfortable enough to share their story is my aim and I believe relationship is essential to healing so I will always offer a safe, confidential and compassionate space to help this process.

I have worked with children and young people for many years, I started out as a nursery nurse, then moved into youth work and finally trained as a counsellor.  I have worked in primary and secondary mainstream schools and also for a school specialising in working with children who display challenging behaviour and children who are on the autistic spectrum. 

Being able to relate to children and young people has always been a strength and I recognise how privilidged I am being able to have an insight into their inner worlds and having an opportunity to help them feel happier.


It is important that children, young people and their parents or guardians understand the nature of confidentiality in a counselling relationship.  Anyone aged under 18 is still entitled to confidentiality - so anything a child or young person tells me stays between me and them.  However, there are some very important exceptions to this:


What is said in the counselling room stays in the counselling room unless:

* you tell me that you are being hurt, either by yourself or by someone else.

* you are going to hurt someone.

* you ask me to share something with someone.


There are times when I think it might be really important or really helpful for you if a parent or guardian can get to know something you have shared and if I think this is the case I will talk with you about it.  If you agree to me sharing you can either choose to tell them yourself, I can support you in telling them or I can tell them for you.  It is all about making things easier for you to feel happier in your life and sometimes you might just need a bit of help to talk things through with your parent or guardian if you haven't as yet felt able to do that.